Drawing Out The Dragons

If you haven’t seen this yet, you either aren’t a member of or haven’t paid attention to the LTUE group on Facebook. James Artimus Owen was this year’s keynote speaker at the symposium, and his address was based on his book DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS. He’s decided, in a fit of insanity and goodwill, to share the book itself with as many people as possible today.

Today. And today only. His goal is to GIVE AWAY 1,000 copies of the book today. Each copy is a ZIP file containing the book in THREE different ebook formats. That pretty much covers every ebook reader on the face of the planet, folks, be it Nook/Kindle or PC/Mac, or anything in between.

I’ll say that again in case you didn’t get it. GIVE. AWAY.

And let me tell you, the address was just about the most inspirational and motivational and all-around AWESOME speech I’ve ever heard in my life. Given that this is the book that address was based on? YOU WANT THIS BOOK.