Hi, I’m Dan. I work nights as a software developer for a company I also happen to own. But this mild-mannered persona is merely my secret identity, a mask I use to fool the world, and protect myself and my loved ones from harm. During the day, I reveal my true self – I am a writer!

I’ll write just about anything, really. A fascination with language has left me with a deep understanding and appreciation for English, my primary tongue, and started me down the path of my alter-ego in software. But it also keeps me writing other things at the same time. Fiction or non, genre or literary, I have tread on nearly all the ground there is to tread. My focus, however, has been what I tend to call Science Friction (because I can shorten it to Sci-Fri, of course!), but most others would simply call Science Fantasy. Mine has been the task of exploring explanations for the fantastic, reasons for the unreasonable, and possibilities for the impossible. I have forged ahead to change where the lines are drawn, and it has been an exciting adventure.

Of course, anyone can talk themselves up however they like. Unless they have something to show for it, it isn’t safe to believe them. The only sane conclusion here is to remain skeptical. The work I have done, I cannot show yet. It isn’t quite ready. But it will be, and this will be the place to find it.

So I hope you stick around, or at least come back from time to time. This journey has just begun.

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