Another Thrilling Episode of Trust Nothing Day

I strongly dislike April Fools’ Day.  I mean, sure, some of the pranks are amusing, but most are just vicious, and trying to do/say anything with any seriousness to it requires a lengthy disclaimer that you aren’t joking, this is legit.  And some have abused the day’s “celebrations” so much, even that can’t be trusted all the time.  Leaving everyone else in a state of skepticism so severe it becomes cynicism.  And I don’t like being a cynic.

I suppose all I really want is for everyone who chooses to participate to pick one joke for the entire day, make the effort to ensure it isn’t simple trolling, and deliver it well – then get on with the day like any other.  Let’s be tasteful, here.  Like we would with anything.

I guess I’ll just have to keep wishing…

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