Patreon Launched!

A few of you may be aware that I have been putting together a Patreon campaign over the past couple of weeks. Well, today I’m finally ready to launch it! It’s bright and shiny and new and you can find it at – or just hop over to the right side of the page (or scroll below the post(s) if you’re viewing this on a phone or other narrow display) and click the “Support on Patreon” button!

So wait, what the heck is this “Patreon campaign” thing, anyway?

Well, it’s like Kickstarter in that patrons pledge a certain amount which isn’t paid right away to whatever campaigns they like, and can expect certain rewards for doing so at various amounts. It’s like GoFundMe in that the money paid doesn’t necessarily go toward a product or service the patron will be able to get or use after the campaign. And it’s like neither of those in that it’s recurring – that is, it’s not a one-time deal, but an ongoing project.

In my case, whenever I reach a progress checkpoint – a preselected point in the process of whichever project I’m tackling at a given moment – my patrons will be charged whatever they pledged soon after I let them know I did it. I’m planning to space these out approximately monthly, but chose to charge by checkpoint instead of month to give myself a little extra accountability – and to avoid charging my patrons for months where I didn’t actually accomplish anything related to the projects they’re paying me for.

So basically, it’s a paycheck for me, from everyone wants to chip in on it.

So hop on over to my Patreon page and have a look through what I’m up to. And I’ll see my future patrons in the updates!

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