Story Time!

I’ll keep this one brief. Or, well, brief for me.

I was thinking earlier today (instead of sleeping) that I used to have several friends in the Salt Lake City area. The majority have since moved away. But one in particular is still there, to the best of my knowledge, and we’ve been disconnected for other reasons. That’s what this post is about – those reasons, and a public apology for some rather gross behavior.

I won’t name the parties involved (other than myself, of course) for what I hope are obvious reasons.

So this particular friend and I had known each other off and on for a few years thanks to a local writers’ con we’d both attended, and a subsequent connection on Facebook. Fairly basic, really. We got to know each other a bit better when I attended a birthday celebration in said friend’s honor, some years back, but it still wasn’t anything more than casual acquaintances. Fast forward a while, and we started to take a more active interest in getting to know each other better, which was nice. Fae’re a really good person, whom I’m still happy to know.

So that’s all background info. Fast forward some more to a conversation we had one time I was visiting the area that I won’t get too detailed on for a few reasons, chief among them being it was a private conversation, and that I don’t really remember most of what was said. The one thing that sticks out is the one thing relevant to this conversation. Fae weren’t feeling comfortable with a relationship at that time. Which I was entirely ok with, because I wasn’t expecting one anyway.

So fast forward another month or two, and we’re attending a small gay “con” in the area (there were panel discussions, so I’ll count it…). Here’s where the gross comes in. I thoughtlessly introduced myself, at some point, as faer “half-partner”. If it’s not immediately apparent why that’s gross – and I didn’t even consider it at the time – we were very much not in a relationship at the time, yet I’d just claimed we were, even partially.

Now, we talked about this after the con that day, and actions were taken to protect the innocent. I’m not looking to address that. I miss said friend, but this isn’t an attempt to say “take me back” or somesuch. That would be just as gross.

I just want to, publicly, apologize for my behavior, and express my deepest wishes that fae have been able to heal from the harm I caused.

And maybe others will learn from my actions and avoid making the same choices I did.

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