My name is Dan Hunsaker.  You can call me Dan.  Unless I’m standing next to Daniel Coleman or Dan Wells.  Or, you know, another person named Dan.  Then it will probably just be confusing.  I usually answer to the names of my characters, though…

I’ve been to a lot of places in the world.  Born in Colorado, I’ve spent most of my life in Idaho, with a brief stint in Pennsylvania when I was young.  I joined the US Navy shortly out of high school, and there I learned some things about myself I’d never suspected before.  I visited several places between Hawaii, where my ship was stationed, and the Middle East, where my ship was twice deployed.  It was an amazing experience, and I am much the better for it.

About four years after I’d joined, I opted to transition to the Navy Reserve.  All four branches of the US military have a Reserve.  The difference between the Reserves and the National Guard is who serves as chief commander – Reserve units are US military, while Guard units are state militia.  It does tend to be cheaper and more effective to train everyone at the same facilities, though, so if you’re in the Guard and you were trained at a US military facility, that’s why.  For the record, since the Coast Guard is actually an arm of the US Department of Transportation (except in times of war, as now, when the DoD takes over), I don’t know if they have a Reserve.

Anyhow, with the extra free time, I set out to lay the groundwork for a self-owned business.  Two years later, I changed tack from my original business idea, and moved forward with the paperwork.  And thus my secret identity, mild-mannered software developer, was forged. (I left the Reserves a few years after that to pursue a life of growing my hair out to my beltline.)

But I’d always loved to write.  And that was my true self – a creator through words.  So as my code-writing alter-ego became prominent in the public eye, I began to focus more on my hidden powers, converting story ideas in my head to words on a page.  Well, a screen, anyway.  That’s not what I’m doing here, but I’ll talk about it here from time to time.  Other times I’ll talk about other things on my mind.  This is where I come when social media is insufficient for my thoughts, so I won’t likely post often.  But check in every so often anyway and see what’s new.

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