Nanobox Installers

I used to work for Nanobox, and still have a great deal of passion for the project and the technology. I love using and recommending it any chance I get. But it’s become nearly impossible to access the Nanobox installers, even with an existing account. So, for future reference, I’m going to include links to their official sources here.

If you want to refer your friends, co-workers, dev team, or boss to this page, here’s a handy QR code you can use. Especially great for presentations!

For Windows

For macOS

For Linux

Note that if you plan to use Docker Native (or if you’re on Linux) you need to install it separately, and ensure it is correctly set up. In particular, Linux users often forget to add their daily user to the docker group, which requires logging out and back in afterward to inform the user session of the change.

Don’t have a Nanobox account? Just run nanobox config set anonymous true in your terminal/command prompt, and it’ll quit asking for one.

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