Privacy and Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

I don’t collect or store any personal information. Information provided via Patreon or other third-party sources is stored exclusively on their systems, and used here only to dynamically personalize user experiences, and to recognize contributions to the content, or funding that keeps me up and running. I represent that I will never use your information for any other purpose without your explicit prior consent, and will absolutely never sell or otherwise provide your data to any third-party, with the sole exception of legally mandated information releases – especially those indicated in the TOS, below.

Terms of Service

I’m gonna start by making this as simple as I can (hopefully it doesn’t have to get any more verbose):

Don’t Be A Dick.

I reserve the right to ban any users who violate these terms, and may, as the situation warrants, notify the proper legal authorities of the offending behavior, along with whatever information I may have to help identify and prosecute the offender. If said user is a paid subscriber via Patreon or other services, their subscription will be terminated immediately, with no refund. Refunds are for when I screw up. You screw up: you forfeit.

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